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Sweet Creations Candy

Assorted Freeze Dried Combo Bundle

Assorted Freeze Dried Combo Bundle

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Freeze-dried candy is a unique and innovative approach to preserving and enjoying your favorite sweet treats. Through the freeze-drying process, candies are transformed into crisp, airy morsels while maintaining their original flavors. This method provides a convenient, mess-free way to savor the taste of various candies, as it eliminates stickiness and makes them easily portable. Whether it's gummy bears, Skittles, marshmallows, or any other candy, freeze-dried versions offer a delightful and crunchy twist on classic sweets, perfect for snacking, baking, or adding a unique texture to your favorite treats.

Each bundle contains 1 bag of each 

  • Skittles¬†
  • Peach Rings¬†
  • Starbursts
  • Saltwater Taffy¬†
  • Nerd Clusters¬†
  • Jolly ranchers¬†


* Does not contain the Basket in Picture

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