Sweet as Fudge: A Beiler Family Delight

Step into the world of luscious, rich, and velvety fudge that’s served up fresh and with a smile – that’s the essence of Sweet as Fudge. Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, our fudge has traveled from coast to coast and even across oceans. And while many have claimed it to be the best they've tasted, we know the magic lies in the love and dedication we put into every batch.

A Legacy of Quality

Rooted in the same commitment to quality as Beiler's Doughnuts, we believe in using nothing but the finest. Fresh from the farm butter, premium cocoa, carefully processed sugar, and natural flavors combine with delightful add-ins like creamy peanut butter and fluffy marshmallows to craft the fudge of dreams. But, the ingredients are just a part of our story.

Experience the Magic at Reading Terminal Market

Immerse yourself in a vibrant symphony of cultures at Philadelphia’s historic Reading Terminal Market. From farm-fresh produce and genuine Amish specialties to unique handcrafted items from across the globe, the market teems with life and flavor. At the heart of this bustling bazaar lies Sweet as Fudge, a testament to the Beiler family's continuing tradition of delivering sweetness.