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Nerds Candy Canes

Nerds Candy Canes

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Nerds Candy brings you the fruity punch flavor you need for all your holiday celebrations. These dual-colored candy canes come in three fun flavors: Totally Tropical Punch, What-A-Melon, and Gotta-Have Grape. Add a few of these delicious tangy holiday candy canes to your Christmas tree for festive candy cane Christmas decor, use them in a gift basket, add decor to your gingerbread house, or add them to your holiday centerpiece as edible candy cane decorations. Each piece is individually wrapped and works nicely as a Holiday stocking stuffer candy or as a tasty addition to that wrapped gift. Bring in the season with Nerds Holiday Candy Canes and add a little joy wherever you go with this delightful holiday-themed candy cane treat, perfect at the office, at school, or at home. Box of 12.

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